The story of K24 through its founder

adrien lucien marchand

interior architect, designer
and founder of K24.

Designing jewelry in recycled gold, non-gender and made in France with the inexhaustible resources of the imagination, it’s exhilarating and dizzying!

Throughout his career as a landscape gardener, interior architect, product designer and jewelry designer, Adrien Lucien MARCHAND has worked alongside some of the greatest names in the industry.

Here, he shares with us the story of the K24 brand, his journey and his attentions.

the memento story

The first ring I designed is a New Life ring
(Revenge ring):
I designed it as I was taking off my wedding rings.

K24 was born of a contemporary love story.
Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is always a love story.

“When I took off my wedding ring, I found my hand bare, and that’s not how I wanted to live my new life. I wanted a ring, my ring, and since I couldn’t find the one I wanted, I designed it. “

Presented to the designer’s entourage, the New Life ring met with unanimous approval. In continuous movement, notched here and smooth there, it shines and reveals itself differently depending on how you look at it. Elegant. Inspiring. Timeless. Generous. Insolent.

“I’m more than what you see. “

The collection asserts itself, plural and singular. K24 is momentum.
You can be who you want to be.

renewal and continuity

The iconic piece, Revenge Ring, was inspired by the career of its founder. 

After studying landscape design and graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais in 2008, Adrien Lucien MARCHAND trained with Master of Art Pietro SEMINELLI, “architect of the fold”…

For more than two years, Adrien Lucien immersed himself in the manual work of the folding workshop and its noble materials. He discovers the extraordinary interiors of the architects of the day. 

The demanding standards and delicate universe of this master craftsman’s work nourish his young imagination.

Alongside his work in textiles, Pietro SEMINELLI began to think about folds, creating a collection of pleated ceramics in partnership with Normandy Ceramics.

It was a revelation for Adrien Lucien MARCHAND: the profession of product designer.
Adjusting technical details in the factory, playing with layouts or discussing production methods with craftsmen is a new space of freedom for his mind.

The way he approaches design and the creative process in the broadest sense are marked by this experience alongside the master.

In 2013, in a return to his first love, Adrien Lucien MARCHAND opened his interior architecture agency, ALM Archi Design in Granville.

The agency quickly expanded through residential projects and commissions for national brands: InSitu1830 – the boutique lab of Mauviel1830, Bleuforêt – concept store and retails boutiques France, Tricots Saint James – creation of POPUP furniture, and most recently Café Saint James, which is currently being rolled out on the export market, after already having opened a Café boutique in South Korea.

Since September 2019, Adrien Lucien has also been in charge of Design & Sur-Mesure artistic direction for the famous French brassware brand Mauviel1830, Made In Normandy.

In 2023, K24 was born from the desire to share his vision applied to jewelry.
Interaction of shapes, highlighting through contrasting volumes, the question of perception
by the user as well as that of the observer are the principles driving the collection’s design approach.

the spirit

Landscape, architecture, interior architecture, design…
With K24, Adrien Lucien Marchand continues to downscale of his design practice.
From landscape to wearable object, jewelry will be his new exploration.
And always, the creative process and the alchemy with the teams remain.

I’m proud to present my proposals, fashioned in France, ungarnished and in recycled gold. Proud because I know they also echo your aspirations: timeless, quality jewelry with character, style and that expresses a way of conceiving life in relief and movement.

K24 aims to be ethical, eco-responsible and unisex.

I choose a piece of clothing or jewelry because I like it, not because it is defined by gender or age. Designing a collection that doesn’t exclude, where everyone can feel they belong, other than in a heteronormative world, is what I’m all about.

Furthermore, craftsmanship and quality are essential elements for me: I no longer want to buy something that won’t last.

I want solidity, quality, durability,
and responsibility.

So are we!

made in France
from recycled gold

Jewelry designed by a designer, K24 perpetuates French tradition and craftsmanship. A clear bias, as determined as Adrien Lucien MARCHAND is.

“Why do it elsewhere when we have all the skills to do it here? What’s more, we have the privilege of France’s historic know-how, as well as a benchmark image in luxury and quality products that are incredibly well-nourished and well-grown. Made in France is my way of contributing to a heritage. “

The designer’s conscious approach makes gold an obvious choice for K24: “reducing the harmful impacts of premature wear and tear . on objects invites us to rethink our relationship with the world. ”

The 24-carat gold material is selected for its strength, stretchability and malleability.

” Stretchable from the Earth to the Moon, gold wire is both light and strong at the same time. It develops a patina over time, and its metamorphoses are at the very heart of the creative process.
The collection bears witness to my perpetual questioning:
everything begins again. “

it was time

K24 jewels are inspired by Adrien Lucien MARCHAND’s work on space, materials, textures, volumes, contrasts, light and perspectives… In a play of power and finesse, they give rhythm to the gaze and the body.

There are many ways to compose or wear each jewel, creating new combinations: a bracelet as an earring, two rings on two fingers or just one, yellow, white or pink gold…

Adrien Lucien MARCHAND also enjoys the plurality of encounters.
Thinking as part of a team, working alongside those who make and shape jewelry: the jewelry designer opens up a new area of exploration in the world of jewelry, while retaining the spirit of his beginnings.

In creating K24, the designer affirms our ability to be who we are. Freedom to choose, to do and to be, boldness and elegance, attention to ourselves and to others.

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