infinitely gold

designer jewelry

Upcycled gold jewelry, made in France and genderless

upcycled gold

Playing between the infinite malleability of 24K and the constancy of 18K, K24 jewelry is made of solid gold.

singular plural

Patinated, combined, multiple…

Your K24 jewel is as unique as your story over time.


At K24, we don’t plate anything: neither gold nor labels. For a pure expression of your personality.


Discover the first jewelry collection designed by Adrien Lucien MARCHAND: shifting, playful, genderless.
In solid, upcycled, 18 or 24-carat gold, each piece is made in France. A timeless, assertive style.

be insolent.

be K24.


a new name

in jewelry

Full 24-carat gold, a daring move. Stretchable and malleable, it takes on a patina when in contact with life. An act of design and insolence. In a balancing act with the solidity of 18-carat gold, K24 jewelry experiences time with you.

Ring, necklace, earring or bracelet:
“I’m more than what you see.”

Rich in movement and variation, in accumulation or unity, K24 jewelry is unique and plural at the same time. All gold upcycled, to be reinvented. To wear them is to affirm your uniqueness.

Jewelry, the finishing touch or inspired, an act of commitment or freedom, is it offered to us by someone or de we offer it to ourselves? K24 is an invitation to break out of the box, to play with codes and genres. Today infinite gold, tomorrow precious stones… Insolence, strength, timelessness and quality: a new jewelry brand is born.

Product lines

Help-measure offered

Every K24 piece is made-to-measure.

Cast on demand, we assist you with the size of your piece, its color, shape, care, multiple wear… We also offer a measuring aid to help you find the right size: for yourself or as a gift.

designer jewelry

Adrien Lucien MARCHAND approaches jewelry as a designer. It invites us to think about jewelry in terms of its relationship to the body and materials, but also through space and time.

Each piece is made from solid gold: “It was gold that inspired the first collection and the brand’s DNA. Stretchable, malleable and infinitely recyclable, it opens up perspectives of strength, transmission and durability. “

plural scope

A bracelet made of 24-carat gold wire develops a patina over time. The imposing 80-gram gold cuff makes its weight felt. The earring adorns the woman or the man.

The choker, whose sensual length sublimates the shoulder, becomes a mono loop with subtle interlacing around the wrist.

The pieces play with accumulation and crossing, in the way they are seen and worn. Jewelry is both unique and plural. Just like you.

… I am more than what you see…


At K24, we love self-affirmation, surpassing oneself, surges, surprises, insolence, the extraordinary… 

Every piece in the collection is designed and crafted with care, so you can find your style.

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