La Maison K24

our commitments

& our values

When you wear K24,

you're expressing your unique style and personality.

you're expressing
your unique style
and your personality.

We take care of you by imagining jewelry inspired by our values

of audacity, strength, timelessness and quality.

beyond perceptions and boxes



& freedom

K24 is an audacious brand.
It was born out of a desire to set things in motion,

to offer a different perspective, to change the scale of time and space, to liberate, to listen and to take care of ourselves.

Share this insolence with us.



& game

Choice, desire, style: from ring
to earring, necklace to bracelet,
fine to plush, light to heavy…

Imagination is K24’s strength.
Wherever you want, however you want.

It twists and asserts itself. It surprises.



& style

The jewel designed in a men’s universe,
the massive gold in a women’s universe.

Transposable, unchanging, timeless…
After all, gold thread and style go on forever, and this timelessness is also reflected in the durability of the chosen material.



& quality

Created by a designer for those who love beauty and comfort, K24 gold jewelry has a reassuring quality that you can count on.

Poise and quality are expressed both in the choice of materials and in the relationship of trust that binds us together.

our convictions

the brand of our audacity

Our name


K24 finds its essence at the heart of its material: 24-carat gold.

Singular and rhythmic, this name expresses the very direction of what we share with you: assertive style and audacity, out-of-the-box and always mutating.

Recycled 24-carat gold

& made in France

Our jewelry is made of solid recycled gold – yellow, white and pink – and is crafted in a French workshop.

K24’s first priority is to choose a responsible material: gold is infinitely recyclable. Both sourcing and manufacturing are designed with sustainability and eco-responsibility in mind.

And soon, precious stones…



Masculine or feminine is not a question for K24. Style is.

Therefore, a gender-neutral collection to reflect the fact that you can choose just because you like it. Gender-neutral to choose without excluding.

Jewelry that says we belong as much as we are unique. Style is timeless and our identities plural, regardless of gender, age, skin color, looks or body type.

from landscape space

to body space

Adrien Lucien MARCHAND is the founder of K24.
a designer and interior architect whose career and imagination
are an invitation to explore and affirm.

The 1st K24 collection

Discover the 1st jewelry collection designed by Adrien Lucien MARCHAND: sustainable, unisex, bold, with a focus on upcycled, pure 24-carat or 18-carat alloy gold, French manufacturing and a timeless, assertive style.

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